Help for voters

The VEC has many services for people who need help to vote.


VoterAlert is the VEC’s free SMS/email reminder system. By signing up to VoterAlert you will receive alerts about important electoral activities, such as State and local council elections.

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At voting centres

Help from a family member, friend or carer

You can bring someone with you to the voting centre to help you complete your ballot papers.

Help from staff

Election staff are happy to help you. You can recognise them by the election official vest they wear.

If you need help from a staff member to fill out your ballot papers, one of the following people can also be there:

  • a scrutineer
  • another election official
  • another person you nominate.

You can also bring a written statement. For example, you can show a how-to-vote card as how you want your ballot papers to be marked.

Wheelchair access

All voting centres are audited and rated according to their wheelchair accessibility. This information will be listed in regional newspapers in the week before election day, in major metropolitan daily newspapers on election day, and on this website during the election period.

Voting centre signage will also have a sticker that indicates the voting centre's accessibility rating.

Languages other than English

At State elections, some voting screens will have instructions on how to vote in 19 languages.

Staff at voting centres may speak other languages as well as English. They will wear an interpreter sticker. There will also be a poster in the voting centre with the languages spoken by staff.

Magnifiers and maxi pencils

Magnifiers and maxi pencils will be available at each voting centre, and there will be signage at voting centres indicating where to find them.

Accessible voting screens

Every voting centre has at least one wheelchair accessible voting screen (a lower and wider voting screen) or a tabletop voting screen.

Enrolment and voting advice

Large print files

You can request large print files with key dates and information about enrolment, nomination and voting requirements.

Contact us

Carers of people with cognitive disabilities

Enrolment and voting advice is available for families and carers of people with a cognitive disability or impairment:

Auslan and plain English