Surf Coast Shire Council electoral structure review

An electoral representation advisory panel completed a review of Surf Coast Shire Council's electoral structure.

The panel has provided its final report to the Minister for Local Government, under section 16 of the Local Government Act 2020. Any enquiries should be directed to Local Government Victoria at or 136 186.

The Minister will decide whether to accept the recommendation. Any changes will be published in the Government Gazette and are expected to apply at the next council general election in October 2024.

What is an electoral structure review?

The panel has looked at the electoral structure of the local council. This includes if the council:

  • has an appropriate number of councillors
  • should be one large unsubdivided area or subdivided into wards.

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Proposed models

To view KML files, you will need Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software such as Google Earth.


Submissions made to the Surf Coast Shire Council review

Previous reviews of Surf Coast Shire Council

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