Yarra City Council

Yarra City Council is divided into three wards, with three councillors each.

Countback for Langridge Ward

Results are now available for the countback held on Wednesday 18 January.

Countback results

Current Councillors

Langridge Ward

JOLLY, Stephen


GLYNATSIS, Michael (countback results)

Melba Ward


NGUYEN, Claudia

LANDES, Herschel

Nicholls Ward

O'BRIEN, Bridgid

WADE, Sophie

STONE, Amanda


18 January 2023 countback results - Langridge Ward

2020 election results

8 May 2019 countback results - Nicholls Ward

2016 election results

2012 election results

11 January 2011 countback results - Nicholls Ward

2008 election results

Council reviews

Representation review

The electoral structure of Yarra City Council was last reviewed in 2011. 

Read the report: