Narracan District

Narracan District supplementary election

Voters in Narracan District will vote in a supplementary election this January.

This election is being held following the death of a candidate during the November 2022 State general election, which resulted in a failed election for this district.

Election details

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Region this district is in

This district is in Eastern Victoria Region.

Facts and figures

  • Two-party-preferred analysis

    The tables below show two-party-preferred (2PP) results from the 2018 State election, based on the old and new electoral boundaries.

    Actual 2018 State election results by 2PP

    Party Votes %
    ALP 19,203 42.7%
    Liberal 25,724 57.3%

    Estimated 2018 State election results by 2PP with new district boundaries

    Party Votes %
    ALP 15,712 40%
    Liberal 23,527 60%

    To estimate the 2018 votes on the new boundaries, we have allocated the votes from each voting centre according to where the new boundaries are.

  • Past results
  • Historical pattern
    Year Party
    1967-99 Liberal
    1999-2006 ALP
    2006-present Liberal