Ararat Rural City Council election results 2020

Last updated: Wednesday, 04 November 2020 05:38 PM
Council Voting count method
Ararat Rural City Council Proportional representation

Ararat Rural City Council (7 vacancies)

Results for this election have now been finalised. The following candidates are declared elected.

Elected candidates

Elected: ARMSTRONG, Jo (1st elected)
Elected: BEALES, Peter (2nd elected)
Elected: WATERSTON, William Alexander (3rd elected)
Elected: SANDERS, Bob (4th elected)
Elected: BURRIDGE, Henry (5th elected)
Elected: ALLGOOD, Gwenda (6th elected)
Elected: ARMSTRONG, Rob (7th elected)

Count summary

Enrolment: 8955
Formal votes: 7196
Informal votes: 308 (4.10% of the total votes)
Voter turnout: 7504 (83.80% of the total enrolment)
Quota: 900

Distribution report (Excel, 38kB)

First preference votes

Please note: all first preference percentages have been rounded to two decimal points.

Candidate First preference votes Percentage
GONINON, Jane 284 3.95%
WATERSTON, William Alexander 862 11.98%
BURRIDGE, Henry 537 7.46%
SANDERS, Bob 731 10.16%
McKENZIE, Colin 212 2.95%
ATKINSON, Bernardine 165 2.29%
ARMSTRONG, Jo 2770 38.49%
ALLGOOD, Gwenda 538 7.48%
ARMSTRONG, Rob 295 4.10%
BEALES, Peter 317 4.41%
FRESLE, Cecilia 134 1.86%
MANNING, Neil 351 4.88%