Full preference distributions

These distributions have been conducted for information and statistical purposes only, and have no bearing on the outcome of an election.

Any minor variations between these figures and the official results are due to the full preference distribution revealing a small number of missorted or miscounted ballot papers in the vote parcels that were distributed. This is an expected outcome of conducting a full preference distribution. No results would have had a different outcome as a result of this.

Warrandyte District by-election

On 4 September 2023 we conducted a full preference distribution for the Warrandyte District by-election, which was won by a candidate on an absolute majority.

2022 State election and Narracan supplementary election

In 2023, we conducted full preference distributions for 39 districts where:

  • a candidate had won by an absolute majority of first preference votes (10 districts)
  • more than 2 candidates remained in the count after a preference distribution (29 districts).