Brochures, guides & newsletters

The VEC produces a range of brochures and guides aimed to make the electoral process simple and accessible. Selections, our annual newsletter, provides information about how the Commission operates, key goals for the organisation and achievements from the past year.

Brochures and booklets

Enrolment and voting advice for families and carers

Information on enrolment and voting for families and carers of people with a cognitive disability/impairment.

Enrolment and voting advice for prisoners

Information on enrolment and voting for people serving a prison sentence in Victoria.

Making voting secret

The story of how the Victorian Parliament introduced the secret ballot is a marvellous piece of history, including colourful characters, riots, intrigue, ingenuity and even a government resigning en masse! It is a fascinating history of the cornerstone of modern day democracy.

Please contact us to request a printed copy.

Easy English guides

Easy English guides to voting and the electoral process have been produced with the assistance of Scope (external link).

Selections: The VEC Newsletter

Selections is the VEC's annual newsletter. It is distributed to State and local government representatives, government departments, the Electoral Matters Committee, VEC employees, senior election officials and registered political parties.

Local Government Election Information Series

This series of books has been produced to provide background information for the VEC's 2016 local council election program.