The VEC offers Victorians access to a range of publications to inform and encourage participation in our democratic process.

Strategic plan

Annual reports

Accountability is a core value of the VEC. In-depth annual reports are produced every year to ensure we are a responsible corporate citizen.

Please find the details at Annual reports.

Research & position papers

The VEC conducts research and also commissions suitable external agents to produce reports on electoral issues as they arise.

View these documents at Research & position papers.

State election reports

After each state election and including by-elections, the VEC produces a report to Parliament. For major electoral events, such as a State Election, an election plan is also produced and made publicly available.

See State election reports for a complete list of related publications.

Local council election reports

The VEC produces a range of publications to document local electoral activity and provide information and analysis for major local council electoral events. Reports are also produced after every representation or subdivision review the VEC conducts.

Visit our Local council election reports page for all these reports.

Brochures, guides & newsletters

The VEC produces a range of brochures and guides aimed to make the electoral process simple and accessible. Selections, our annual newsletter, provides information about how the commission operates, key goals for the organisation and achievements from the past year.

See Brochures, guides & newsletters for all documents.