Message from the Electoral Commissioner

This 2019 edition of Selections showcases key highlights from the Victorian Electoral Commission’s 2018-19 Annual Report.

As expected, the year was dominated by the 2018 Victorian State election. I am proud to say that the VEC delivered quality, timely voting services to over 4.1 million enrolled Victorians.

Strong digital messaging, expanded early voting facilities and adjusted vote counting operations addressed changing voter behaviour and expectations, enabling 79% of the Lower House votes to be counted on election night.

A further 39 electoral activities were conducted in the 2018-19 financial year, including local government by-elections, countbacks, commercial elections and polls, and representation reviews.

The VEC is now deeply immersed in preparations for the October 2020 local government elections, and these activities will quickly escalate over the coming months. As a precursor, in January this year the VEC began representation reviews for 31 local councils. Generally, every 12 years, local councils have their councillor numbers and electoral structure examined to ensure voters have fair and equitable representation.

Strategy 2023 will also remain a focus. The associated major projects pipeline is extensive and bringing these projects to completion will require close coordination across the Commission.

I hope you enjoy this ‘selection’ of articles. If you’d like to read more detail about VEC activities over the past year, I encourage you to access the full VEC Annual Report for 2018-19.

Message from the Electoral Commissioner

Message from the Electoral Commissioner