Candidate information sessions

Candidate presentation

Watch this video presentation to find out more about the nomination process for the 2020 local council elections.

You can also find out more about the nomination process by reading a candidate handbook.

Transcript and timestamps

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Acknowledgement: 0:00
Introduction: 00:19
Overview: 1:01 
Conducting the elections: 2:25 
COVID19 response: 4:32 
Candidate resources: 6:08 
Eligibility: 7:25 
Nominating: 10:39 
Nomination appointment: 12:26 
Candidate statement, photograph and questionnaire: 14:23 
Campaigning: 16:36  
Access to the voters' roll: 18:57 
Voting: 19:49 
Extraction and count: 21:12  
Results: 22:15 
Election campaign donation return: 23:05 
Key dates: 24:12  
Key points to remember: 26:08 
Further information: 27:40 

Online seminars

Two online seminars were held on 13 and 15 September.

View a recording of the Sunday 13 September session