Corangamite Shire Council

Corangamite Shire Council is divided into 5 wards with 7 councillors total:

  • one ward with 3 councillors
  • 4 wards with one councillor each.

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Current elections

Local council elections will be held by post this October.

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Council information

  • Current councillors

    Central Ward

    Geraldine Conheady

    Ruth Gstrein

    Laurie Hickey

    Coastal Ward

    Jamie John Vogels

    North Ward

    Nicholas Thornton Cole

    South-Central Ward

    Joanne Beard

    South-West Ward

    Kate Makin

  • Electoral structure changes

    Corangamite Shire Council will have a new electoral structure at the council elections this October.

    It will have 7 wards with one councillor in each ward:

    • Cooriemungle Ward
    • Gnotuk Ward
    • Lake Elingamite Ward
    • Lake Keilambete Ward
    • Leura Ward
    • Mt Elephant Ward
    • Tandarook Ward.

    You will vote for one councillor to represent your ward.

    You can look at the new electoral structure on our interactive map.

    Find out more about the changes.

  • Past results
  • Previous council reviews

    2023-24 electoral structure review

    An electoral representation advisory panel reviewed Corangamite Shire Council's electoral structure in 2023-24.

    This review changed the electoral structure of this council. The changes will take effect at the October 2024 council election.

    Learn about this review

    2015 representation review

    We reviewed the electoral structure of Corangamite Shire Council in 2015. 

    Read the report:

  • Download map

    New council map

    This map shows the electoral structure and internal ward boundaries that will apply at the council elections this October.

    Current council map

    This map shows the current electoral structure and internal ward boundaries. This electoral structure will expire at the council elections this October.

    To view KML files, you will need geographic information systems (GIS) software such as Google Earth.