Northern Grampians Shire Council

Northern Grampians Shire Council is divided into four wards, with a total of seven councillors:

  • two single-councillor wards
  • one ward with two councillors
  • one ward with three councillors.

Current Councillors

Central Ward

ERWIN, Kevin

Kara Kara Ward


OSTARCEVIC, Eddy (By-election results)

South West Ward

GREADY, Trevor Errol (By-election results)

Stawell Ward

DEMPSEY, Lauren Pamela




20 February 2021 by-election results - Kara Kara Ward

28 November 2020 by-election results - South West Ward

2020 election results

2016 election results

15 March 2014 by-election results - South West Ward

23 November 2013 by-election results - Kara Kara Ward

2012 election results

2008 election results

Council reviews

Representation review

The electoral structure of Northern Grampians Shire Council was last reviewed in March 2020. However, the commencement of the Local Government Act 2020 in April 2020 meant the electoral structure was determined in accordance with the new Act.

Read the report:

Please note: The recommendation in this report differs to the approved structure.