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State election publications

The VEC produces a report to Parliament after each state election, including by-elections. For major electoral events, such as the 2010 Victorian State Election, an election plan is also produced and made publicly available.

Printed copies of general election reports are also available from Information Victoria (external link).

State by-election planTop

This document defines the direction and strategies planned for future State by-elections. This document will be updated once the Writ has been issued for a by-election and the timeline has been set.

  • State district by-election plan (PDF 1.2MB, DOC 2.9MB)

State election plansTop

The VEC produces a document that defines the direction and strategies planned for each general election.

  • 2014 State election plan (PDF 1.8MB, DOC 11.9MB)

Reports on general electionsTop

Report to Parliament on the 2010 Victorian State election

Report to Parliament on the 2006 Victorian State election

Report to Parliament on the 2002 Victorian State election

Report to Parliament on the 1999 Victorian State election

Administration of the 1999 Victorian State election: Results of the 1999 Victorian State election:

Reports on by-electionsTop

Report on the Lyndhurst District by-election (27 April 2013)

  • Report including appendices (PDF 5.6MB, DOC 6.5MB)

Report on the Melbourne District by-election (21 July 2012)

  • Report including appendices (PDF 2.2MB, DOC 4.7MB)

Report on the Niddrie District by-election (24 March 2012)

  • Report including appendices (PDF 3.5MB, DOC 4.4MB)

Report on the Broadmeadows District by-election (19 February 2011)

Report on the Altona District by-election (13 February 2010)

  • Part 1: Report (PDF 547kB, DOC 504kB)
  • Part 2: Appendices (PDF 102kB, DOC 25.1MB)

Report on the Kororoit District by-election (28 June 2008)

Report on the Albert Park District and Williamstown District by-elections (15 September 2007)

Report on the Benalla District by-election (13 May 2000)

Report on the Burwood District by-election (11 December 1999)

Election Information Series publicationsTop

The VEC produces a series of books to provide background information during each State election.

Please note, any enquiries regarding the content of this series should be addressed to the VEC at level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000.

2010 State Government Election Information Series

  • The Upper House Count (PDF 1.1MB, DOC 1.6MB)
  • The Lower House Count (PDF 822kB, DOC 2.2MB)
  • Electronically Assisted Voting: Guide for Observers and Scrutineers (PDF 490kB, DOC 86kB)
  • Advertising/Communication Advice (PDF 129kB, DOC 76kB)

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