Werribee District results

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Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch

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  • Total enrolment as at close of rolls:


  • Formal votes:


  • Informal votes:

    4156 (9.72% of the total votes)

  • Total votes:

    42759 (85.58% of the total enrolment as at the close of rolls)

Recheck first preference votes

Candidate Party 1st pref. votes % votes
PALLAS, Tim Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch 17512 45.36%
WICKS, Patricia Anne Derryn Hinch's Justice Party 709 1.84%
BARCATTA, Patrizia 213 0.55%
BREAKWELL, Kathryn Labour DLP 767 1.99%
KWAN, Heni Cazlynn 45 0.12%
BODDEKE, Jack Australian Greens 2613 6.77%
SHAW, Mia Liberal 9779 25.33%
MUNRO, Sue Victorian Socialists 1391 3.60%
TANDON, Prashant New Democrats 319 0.83%
SEGRAVE, Josh Animal Justice Party 730 1.89%
HOPPER, Paul 2278 5.90%
EMERSON, Matthew Family First Victoria 964 2.50%
HOGAN, Karen Health Australia Party 260 0.67%
STROTHER, Mark Freedom Party of Victoria 663 1.72%
COLLINS, Trevor Russell Transport Matters 360 0.93%
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Results after distribution of preferences

Candidate Party Votes after distribution % votes
PALLAS, Tim Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch 19912 51.58%
BODDEKE, Jack Australian Greens 5208 13.49%
SHAW, Mia Liberal 13483 34.93%

Two candidate preferred vote

Two candidate preferred results by voting centre

The two-candidate preferred count is intended to provide an early indication of election results but has no status in determining the actual election outcome. Minor variations may be observed with rechecked results and the preference distribution.

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Please note the two-candidate preferred (2CP) count has been superseded by the preference distribution for this district. You can see still view the 2CP results by voting centre by following the link above.

Full preference distribution

This district would normally not require a full preference distribution because the elected candidate achieved an absolute majority before all or any preferences were distributed. In 2023, we conducted an indicative full preference distribution for information and statistical purposes.

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