Away during the election

If you’re going to be away from your enrolled address between Monday 7 October and Friday 25 October, you may still be able to vote in your local council's election.

Ballot pack redirection

You can apply to have your ballot pack forwarded to a different address for this election.

Applications will be open from 4 pm on Wednesday 7 August until 5 pm on Monday 9 September.

Vote in person

If you’ll be away from your enrolled address with no access to mail, you can vote in person at your local election office.

Voting in person will be available on weekdays from Thursday 19 September to Friday 25 October.

We’ll share the address and open hours for each election office from Monday 9 September.

Please be aware that you cannot vote or drop off your vote at your local council’s offices. The election office is a temporary office set up in your council area for the election.

Let us know you’re away

If you can’t redirect your ballot pack or vote at your local election office, let us know you’re going to be away by submitting an ‘Away from Victoria’ form. It is not compulsory to vote if you are not in Victoria during the voting period.

This form is linked to your enrolment. Please check your enrolment first, then select ‘Away from Victoria’.

Check my enrolment

Keep evidence of your travel, as you may receive an 'Apparent failure to vote notice' early in 2025. This letter is your chance to explain why it appears you did not vote.