Malvern District results

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O'BRIEN, Michael

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  • Total enrolment as at close of rolls:


  • Formal votes:


  • Informal votes:

    1136 (2.71% of the total votes)

  • Total votes:

    41937 (89.49% of the total enrolment as at the close of rolls)

Recheck first preference votes

Candidate Party 1st pref. votes % votes
NATOLI, Amelia Animal Justice Party 1005 2.46%
NATALE, Darren Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch 10686 26.19%
O'BRIEN, Michael Liberal 21438 52.54%
STEFANOPOULOS, Steve 643 1.58%
SCHMIDT, Judy Family First Victoria 639 1.57%
FULLER, Mitchell Australian Greens 6390 15.66%
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Two candidate preferred vote

Candidate Party Preferred votes % of preferred votes
NATALE, Darren Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch 17000 41.72%
O'BRIEN, Michael Liberal 23750 58.28%
Two candidate preferred results by voting centre

The two-candidate preferred count is intended to provide an early indication of election results but has no status in determining the actual election outcome. Minor variations may be observed with rechecked results and the preference distribution.

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Full preference distribution

This district would normally not require a full preference distribution because the elected candidate achieved an absolute majority before all or any preferences were distributed. In 2023, we conducted an indicative full preference distribution for information and statistical purposes.

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